The ongoing need for support of our combat veterans who are coming home injured is great. Huge numbers of men and women coming home after multiple tours of duty; some as many as five tours. For those that return wounded, the need is even bigger. The transition home is so critical to a veteran’s future that it may well be more of a defining event than the war itself. Troy Norrell tries to help out whenever he can.

As a business owner in the construction industry, he has actively donated his time and resources to organizations like Habitat for Humanity for many years. So when he heard that Homes for our Troops was building a house for a veteran who had lost both his legs in combat, Troy offered his services.

This project is extra close to Troy’s heart. Being a veteran and an amputee himself, he knows what it’s like to return home from combat. While he didn’t lose his leg while on active duty during the Vietnam war, an illness he contracted while there led to its eventual amputation years later.

We’re proud to have someone like Troy as a patient at SCP.

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