Our premier facility is designed with a focus on patient comfort and product quality through every step in the process. On-site manufacturing and fitting capabilities give our patients the customized, perfect fit they deserve. Our cutting-edge roster of technology includes:

A patented negative pressure vacuum system (NPS) for all levels of amputation
This system, developed and patented by Stan Patterson, CP, gives the user increased comfort and control, with less volume changes throughout the day. Proven results include lower trim lines and unique alignment techniques, allowing for a more natural gait. Other benefits of the NPS system include:

*Increased blood flow and oxygenation of tissue.
*Decreased skin abrasions, blisters and friction.
*Allows for lower trimlines.
*Permits evaporation of perspiration.
*More adaptable to weight gain/loss.
*Lightweight; no moving parts.
*Can be used with any socket configuration.

Computer automated design CAD/CAM manufactured socket
In order to provide a precise fit, we offer in-house CNC (computer numerically controlled) carving of socket molds, creating a finished test socket in minutes.

Custom liner design and fabrication
One of the most important factors in fit and comfort is a liner that is customized for each patient. Therefore, all our liners are fabricated in-house with a proprietary formula which combines the flow chararacteristics of urethane with the durability and cleanliness of silicone.

Donning the NPS Socket System


Step-by-Step Donning Instructions

Patient is fit with a silicone liner which is rolled onto their residual limb.

A prosthetic sock is then placed over the liner to provide a wick for the vacuum.

The patient’s custom fabricated NPS Socket is then positioned over the sock.

The outer socket is attached to the inner vacuum technology socket and secured with a locking pin.

Air is expelled from socket and vacuum created through use of a pump.