Knee Disarticulation

Knee Disarticulate Prosthetic (through knee) System

The knee disarticulation prosthetic system was designed taking into account that the amputee is able to bear weight on the end of their residual limb, and long length of the limb increases their control of the prosthesis. Therefore, less support is necessary at the top of the socket, allowing for lower trim lines than a traditional transfemoral socket.

All of our knee disarticulate patients are measured for and fit with a prosthetic liner made of medical grade silicone.

The second component of the system is the prosthetic sock. These socks are layered on top of the liner and act as a wick between the liner and the socket and to accommodate for volume changes within the residual limb.

The residual limb is then placed in the socket and air is evacuated through a one-way expulsion valve.