Robert Poirier, Walking on Air

Robert Poirier was struck by a drunk driver while riding a motorcycle to work at Big Bear Lake in Southern California one evening in late summer 1964. Poirier, who was 17 at the time, remembers waking up on the side of the road knowing immediately his right leg had been badly damaged. “Some people had…

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Don “TailorMade All The Way?”

  Someone is pretty stoked about his new Tailor Made feet!! Don was in a wheel chair for well over 3 decades after he lost one leg above the knee and the other leg below the knee from bomb blasts in Vietnam. He now plays golf regularly, drives, dances! You are truly, and shops! You…

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Suzi’s Victory Walk!!

  It took a long time to figure out what would work for Suzi but she was patient and perseverant as were Rick and Barbara! This is her first walk with her new socket! So So happy for her!! 

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Isabel’s Surprise on Her First Stroll!!

  Isabel is doing so great! First time walking since her amputation 11 months ago! She thinks Rick is holding her from behind and she is surprised when she turns around to not see him there!! So cute! Hubby Michael is watching in the background!

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Patented Vacuum System and other Technology

Our premier facility is designed with a focus on patient comfort and product quality through every step in the process. On-site manufacturing and fitting capabilities give our patients the customized, perfect fit they deserve. Our cutting-edge roster of technology includes: A patented negative pressure vacuum system (NPS) for all levels of amputation This system, developed…

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New Prosthetic Products and Technologies

Functional Amputee Support Team (FAST), in conjunction with Southern California Prosthetics, cordially invites you to attend our next Amputee Education Series program:

March 11th, 11:30am – 2:30pm
Mariners Church
Life Development Building, Room 208
5001 Newport Coast Drive
Irvine, CA 92603

RSVP as soon as possible because we expect to fill our available space quickly! All amputees are invited to attend, whether or not you are a FAST member or an SCP patient. Come and meet other amputees and learn together what the latest and greatest products are in prosthetics! RSVP: email or call 949-892-5338

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First Volley Tennis Clinic on Sept 8th and NEW First Target Archery Clinic on 10/28/2012!

The Next First Volley Adaptive Tennis Clinic sponsored by the Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF) at Balboa Tennis Courts is approaching QUICKLY! Next Saturday, September 8 from 12 noon to 2 pm. This is a great opportunity

to get out, meet some people and learn some new skills! …. and after that, stay tuned for more information on the launch of OPAF’s *NEW* First Clinic – First Target! It’s an archery clinic for amputees, and will be held at Woodley Park in Encino, CA on October 28!!!! Mark your calendar!!!

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Ladies’ Gathering

These beautiful ladies, who happen to be amputees, gathered together at Bonnie Jones’ house to enjoy a day of sun, swimming, and conversation on 8/12/2012. A good time, with lots of sharing and swimming, was had by all! But there is good news for those who were not able to join in…. By popular demand, Bonnie will be hosting ANOTHER gathering – an evening swim/sleepover party in October! How fun is that?! More details will be posted when the date has been determined. The special friendships made and camaraderie shared at these gatherings is precious, powerful, and just plain FUN!

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Amputee Life from a Woman’s Perspective gathering, 8/12/2012 – A great opportunity to meet and share with members of our *unique* community!

Attention Southern California Ladies! We are excited to announce the date of our 2nd “Amputee life from a woman’s perspective” event! See below for details…. RSVP soon…and please bring a friend!

“Amputee Life from a Woman’s Perspective”
Hosted by: Bonnie Jones
Date: Sunday, August 12, 2012
Time: 1-6pm
Location: The Mission Viejo, CA home of Bonnie Jones, SCP Patient Advocate and a bilateral amputee
Bring: A bathing suit if you’d like to use the pool, and a “pot luck” dish to share

Come join us for an afternoon among members of our own community – women of all ages who happen to be amputees. As we eat, laugh, and swim, we can share valuable information and understanding of issues unique to us in a relaxed and comfortable environment. No subject will be off limits!

Bonnie Jones has generously offered to host our summer session at her home in Mission Viejo! She has plenty of space, so we encourage you to bring a differently abled friend with you if you’d like, and don’t forget your bathing suit in case you’d like to take advantage of the beautiful pool! Let’s get the word out! The more the merrier (and the more food – ha!)!

Please RSVP to Bonnie at 949.892.5338, and she will provide you with her address at that time.

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Feedback from our Amputee Life from a Woman’s Perspective discussion on 1/15/2012

Thought we’d share with you a few messages we received from the wonderful ladies who attended our first “Amputee life from a woman’s perspective” discussion on January 15th. We are already planning our next event – which will include an activity of some sort (maybe an intro to Yoga!). Stay tuned!!!…….

“I spent a lovely and inspiring afternoon yesterday with 23 other women, ages 20 to 80, all living with some degree of amputation, all active contributors to our society and all whom I would be honored to have as friends. We ate, laughed and talked about issues that only we could understand. Thank you Bonnie for making this happen!

“….What I thought was most interesting about the members of the group is that they all have stories to tell that are heartwarming – showing their bravery and determination to not be limited by their limb loss or limb differences.”

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Join Team SCP for the Tour de Palm Springs Charity Bike Event on February 11, 2012!

Attention all SCP patients, families and friends!! LET’S ROLL!!! We’re putting together a team for the Tour de Palm Springs charity bike ride on February 11th, and would love to have you join us! You may register for whichever ride you choose (5K – 100K!) using the attached link. ….and please let Bonnie know ASAP if you’d like to wear a “Team SCP” T-Shirt! We’ll need to order them by next Wednesday, February 1st!!! Some of the proceeds from this event will go to local amputee support groups.

Tour de Palm Springs Info

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Thank you for attending SCP’s first Amputee life from a Woman’s Perspective discussion group, 1/2012

Many thanks to the 23 beautiful women who attended our first discussion group on “Amputee life from a woman’s perspective.” It was your presence that made this event such a wonderful success! What a special time of comaraderie, laughter and sharing it was as we discussed issues only another female amputee can understand. We hope to host more of these meetings in the future, and encourage others to join in!

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Amp 1 Basketball Tryouts scheduled for February in Dallas, TX

Amp 1 will be holding open tryouts for the 2012 tour in late February in Dallas, Texas. If you are SERIOUS about playing and trying out….message Scott Odom or Tyler Hyatt for more information on the upcoming tryouts in February for Amp 1 Basketball 2012 tour. email: Scott Odom at or Tyler Hyatt at

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Amputee Connections of Redlands Picnic, 10/30/2011

The Amputee Connections of Redlands support group held its first ever picnic on Sunday, October 30th at Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park. They had handcycles available for people to try and the Norco Lions club cooked up a tasty BBQ of hamburgers and hot dogs. And speaking of “hot dogs”, Rick’s dog, Sky, entertained everyone with her fabulous frisbe moves! Other SCP attendees (Bonnie, Arlene, Rick and Rick’s wife, Megan) also had a great time! Here are a few photos of the event from Sky’s personal album.. 😉 See more of them on our Facebook page. Thanks to Bill Nessell and Amputee Connections for putting this fine event together!

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A Day Among Giants, San Diego Triathlon Challenge (SDTC), 10/23/2011

very once in a while you are blessed with a special day when you experience something so moving, inspiring and powerful that it takes your breath away. Such was the case when I attended the San Diego Triathlon Challenge (SDTC) fundraiser event in La Jolla, California this past weekend. So, you might be wondering, who are these giants I speak of?

Since Bill Walton was in attendance at many of the events, and certainly the tallest among us, you might think I am speaking about him, but I’m not. There were lots of donors with giant wallets and volunteers with giant hearts, but I’m not talking about them either. The giants I am referring to are the 200+ challenged athletes participating in the event – every single one of them. People with giant hope, determination, and incredible strength of body and character…

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FAST Summer Newsletter

The quarterly newsletter put together by the Functional Amputee Support Team (FAST) is now available for download from their website here. Download the newsletter and you can read up about some of the goings on with FAST as well as when and where they meet. Check out our calendar located here to find support group meetings in your area!

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Summer Airport Travel Tips to Save You Some Time….and Money!

Any prosthetic related equipment packed in your luggage is considered a medical device, and you will not have to pay a baggage check fee at the airport. Just let the agent know you have prosthetic equipment in your luggage when checking in.

Also, if your are packing any equipment in your carry-on luggage, it’s wise to put it in a separate bag labeled “prosthetic supplies” and take it out before running it through the x-ray machine. That way, if the TSA personnel determine any of the equipment looks “suspicious” and requires further investigation, they won’t need to search your entire carry-on bag.

Happy travels! 😉

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Nike Prosthetic

3D printing has become an incredibly powerful tool to customize one-off products for differing applications. This project was based on using this technology to design a customized prosthetic leg for a specific user- a young, urban, male athlete. Nike was chosen as an appropriate brand to bring form to the leg. It also required familliarizing oneself with the emotional, medical, lifestyle, and physical changes the user would encounter.

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Amputee Veteran Softball Team

An all-amputee softball team made up of veterans played together as part of athletic clinic geared toward introducing its participants to available opportunities in higher education and sports. Sponsored by the UA Disabled Veterans Reintegration and Education Project, with support from the U.S. Veterans Administration, the program is in its third year at the University of Arizona.

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Double amputee Oscar Pistorius just might make history next year!

Double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius boosted his hopes of competing at the 2012 London Olympics after clocking a personal best of 45.61 seconds over 400 meters.

The time is inside the “B” qualifying standard for the 2012 Games and this year’s world championships.

Pistorius said Thursday he was “delighted” after setting the time at South Africa’s Provincial Championships in Pretoria on Wednesday, adding it had taken him “a step closer” to the Olympics.

The South African said his main goal for 2011 was to qualify for the world championships in Daegu, South Korea, before focusing on running at the Olympics and Paralympics next year.

The 24-year-old Pistorius said of the 2012 Olympics: “I need to put my head down and push for it.”


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SCP Patient Troy Norrell Volunteers for Local Homes for our Troops Project

The ongoing need for support of our combat veterans who are coming home injured is great. Huge numbers of men and women coming home after multiple tours of duty; some as many as five tours. For those that return wounded, the need is even bigger. The transition home is so critical to a veteran’s future that it may well be more of a defining event than the war itself. Troy Norrell tries to help out whenever he can.

As a business owner in the construction industry, he has actively donated his time and resources to organizations like Habitat for Humanity for many years. So when he heard that Homes for our Troops was building a house for a veteran who had lost both his legs in combat, Troy offered his services.

This project is extra close to Troy’s heart. Being a veteran and an amputee himself, he knows what it’s like to return home from combat. While he didn’t lose his leg while on active duty during the Vietnam war, an illness he contracted while there led to its eventual amputation years later.

We’re proud to have someone like Troy as a patient at SCP.

To view the Orange County Register article on this building project, click here

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Amputee L’Oreal Spokesperson

Double amputee Aimee Mullins is now a L’Oreal spokesperson/model! She will be in both TV and print ads for the company. Aimee says the company‘s tagline, “Because you‘re worth it,” can really ring true for woman with disabilities, saying, “It’s the complexity of who we are that makes us beautiful.”

Check out the article here.

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One of our patients in the Washington Post

SCP patient Cheryl became a Quadruple amputee after a strep infection entered her bloodstream in 2008. Her incredible story of will, strength, and triumph was recently published in the Washington Post newspaper. Cheryl’s recovery plan included a trip to SCP for prosthetic legs.

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Larry walks with his baby for the first time

Larry has a very short AK residual limb, and in the past the only way he could keep his prosthetic leg from falling off was to wear a belt. After we fit him with the NPS vacuum system he was secure and confident enough to carry his baby for the first time! A very emotional moment!

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AK Amputee in a Nike Commercial

Sarah Reinertsen shows her stuff in a Nike commercial!
Above knee amputee super athlete Sarah Reinertsen is in a Nike commercial. Very cool!
Nike Women Throwdown Anthem

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Disabled Sports

Feeling adventurous? Check out the Disabled Sports USA Far West (Lake Tahoe) website. They have an excellent adaptive ski program at Alpine Meadows, as well as several adaptive sports programs throughout the year.

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New TSA Security Measures

Due to the recent security measures that have been put in place at our nation’s airports, many amputees are concerned about the enhanced screening process; some are so uncomfortable that they will not travel by plane at all. The subject article (link below), published in the O&P Business News, describes the newest procedures and how they affect amputees.

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Welcome to Southern California Prosthetic’s Blog! It is our desire to provide a place where our patients and others in the amputee community can not only read up on the latest SCP news, but be kept up to date on prosthetic technology, disabled sporting events/opportunities, and any other information of interest to amputees. We hope that you will find this to be a helpful and informative resource.

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