Below Knee

Transtibial Prosthesis System – (Below Knee)


Irvine Prosthetics patient Corey Reed All amputee patients being fitted for transtibial prosthesis are measured for and fit with a prosthetic liner made of medical grade silicone. These liners are fabricated on-site in our liner manufacturing lab.

The second component of the transtibial prosthesis system is the prosthetic sock. These socks are layered on top of the liner and act as a wick between the liner and the socket. Socks also accommodate for volume changes within the residual limb.

The residual limb is then placed in the socket and air is evacuated. The socket will either contain a vacuum chamber which has been laminated into the socket, or a one-way expulsion valve, depending on the specific needs of the patient (some longer residual limbs do not require elevated vacuum). Lastly, a sealing sleeve is rolled up to seal against the liner above the socket trim lines.