Patient Spot Light – Christy Flesvig

On Father’s Day last June, Christy Flesvig was enjoying the sunshine with friends at Reef Point in Newport Coast. While she was in the water with her friend’s 10 year old, her foot planted in the sand and she was hit by a wave. Her body torqued...

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Robert Poirier, Walking on Air

Robert Poirier was struck by a drunk driver while riding a motorcycle to work at Big Bear Lake in Southern California one evening in late summer 1964. Poirier, who was 17 at the time, remembers waking up on the side of the road knowing immediately his right leg had...

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(Bilateral AK/BK)

“The moment Don put on his new legs for the first time erased any doubt about what he would accomplish with them. His determination and enthusiasm are infectious to all the people he meets…”

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“When I walk with my new leg, I feel like it is a part of me. Most people can’t even tell that I am an amputee!”

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(Bilateral BK)

“Thankfully, along with my supportive and loving family, the SCP staff is also patient and understanding…”

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“For the first time ever, I’ve decided not to hide it with a foam cover. I love the look of the carbon fiber and want to show off my leg.”

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(Bilateral BK and TR)

“It may not be exactly the same, but it FEELS GOOD just the same. Get outside and do things…”

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JR, Bilateral (AK/KD)

Guam:  7/19/2011. It happened in an instant. One minute he was driving his car on a familiar road; the next he was waking up in a hospital, with no recollection of the last few months and the day that forever changed his life. It was a typical summer evening on the...

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Diane (BK)

In early 2009, Diane was in agony. Her ankle, which had been badly broken in a skiing accident back in 1971, was causing her more pain that ever before. The initial repair after the accident was done using screws to hold the ankle bones together. In 1995, two bones in...

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Andy (BK)

When Andy of Laguna Beach, CA takes his place at the start of a triathlon, he’s thinking how thankful he is to be alive and competing again in the sport he loves. That he participates in this type of event at the age of 72 is impressive enough, but that he does so...

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Jamie (AK)

Jamie had always been a strong person, up for any challenge, and one day almost three years ago she was forced to put that strength to the test. ”On July 30, 2008, I was involved in a motorcycle accident,” recalls Jamie. “After spending 30 days in the hospital and...

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Cody (AK)

When Cody comes bounding into the room, you are struck by his adorable, sweet face and endless energy. It’s easy to overlook the toddler’s missing limb. Cody is quite independent and has learned to do nearly everything he wants to do, from everyday tasks to running,...

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