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Alexus (AK)

When you meet Alexus the first thing you notice is her infectious smile. She just lights up the room with her upbeat personality and style! It’s hard to believe that this bubbly teenager and University student has a limb difference.

Alexus doesn’t remember her life before amputation.  When she was just 9 months old she suddenly became very ill and was rushed to the hospital. When she arrived there she quickly went into a diabetic coma.  That was serious enough, but yet another complication would change her life and her future; a blood clot cut off circulation to her right leg, and in order to save her life the doctors had no choice but to amputate it above the knee.

Over the years she has had plenty of prosthetic legs made, but she says  “there is no comparison between those legs and my current one!” Alexus came to us by way of a chance meeting her Mom (Melba) and a man she met while walking around a track. He was running on a prosthetic leg and  and saw a man running on a prosthesis. She was amazed at how well he ran and asked him for the name of his prosthetic provider. Melba never saw the gentleman again, but is sure that he was an angel sent to help her child.

Now Alexus is well on her way to take on the challenges of her busy college life without worrying about her prosthesis keeping pace with her hectic schedule. “When I walk with my new leg, I feel like it is a part of me. Most people can’t even tell that I am an amputee!”


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