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One of our patients in the Washington Post

SCP patient Cheryl became a Quadruple amputee after a strep infection entered her bloodstream in 2008. Her incredible story of will, strength, and triumph was recently published in the Washington Post newspaper. Cheryl’s recovery plan included a trip to SCP for prosthetic legs.

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Larry walks with his baby for the first time

Larry has a very short AK residual limb, and in the past the only way he could keep his prosthetic leg from falling off was to wear a belt. After we fit him with the NPS vacuum system he was secure and confident enough to carry his baby for the first time! A very emotional moment!


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AK Amputee in a Nike Commercial

Sarah Reinertsen shows her stuff in a Nike commercial!

Above knee amputee super athlete Sarah Reinertsen is in a Nike commercial. Very cool!

Nike Women Throwdown Anthem

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Disabled Sports

Feeling adventurous? Check out the Disabled Sports USA Far West (Lake Tahoe) website. They have an excellent adaptive ski program at Alpine Meadows, as well as several adaptive sports programs throughout the year.

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New TSA Security Measures

Due to the recent security measures that have been put in place at our nation’s airports, many amputees are concerned about the enhanced screening process; some are so uncomfortable that they will not travel by plane at all. The subject article (link below), published in the O&P Business News, describes the newest procedures and how they affect amputees.

The Amputee Coalition of America is working with the TSA to educate their screeners and develop reasonable guidelines for screening travelers with prosthetic limbs. In the meantime, the following suggestions should make the process easier for you:

1. Pack your prosthetic supplies in a bag separate from other articles in your suitcase, along with your prosthetist’s business card. Label the bag, “prosthetic supplies.” Take the bag of supplies out of your suitcase (like you would a laptop) and place in a plastic bin to be x-rayed.

2. If you have a specialized prosthetic device such as a vacuum system or microprocessor knee, it would be helpful to have information describing it in your carry-on bag or purse. This could be information downloaded from a website or your prosthetic provider. Also, print information on screening procedure for amputee’s from TSA’s website so you know your rights: link

3. You do NOT have to remove your shoes when going through the metal detector. Advise the TSA screener that you have a prosthetic leg and it’s difficult to remove your shoes and/or dangerous to walk without them.

4. Be as cooperative, polite and helpful as you can to the TSA screener.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for a supervisor if you feel the screener has asked you to do something inappropriate.

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Welcome to Southern California Prosthetic’s Blog! It is our desire to provide a place where our patients and others in the amputee community can not only read up on the latest SCP news, but be kept up to date on prosthetic technology, disabled sporting events/opportunities, and any other information of interest to amputees. We hope that you will find this to be a helpful and informative resource.

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